Get Clear Skin With The Oil Cleansing Method

Did you know that the best way to treat oily skin is with oil? I think in the past year I have tried everything to clear my skin after coming off the pill and the natural approach is by far winning.

What I realized was happening with most cleansers (especially those that are designed to treat acne) was that they were actually stripping my skin (even the gentle ones). My skin would then go into overdrive to repair by producing more oil leading to a vicious cycle.

I had stumbled across a blogger raving about clearing her skin using natural oils like Jojoba or castor oil so I looked into it a little more.

Turns out it has been an effective treatment for acne for many people. It also balances out the skin for those that experience sensitivity or dryness.

The method involves massaging natural oil into your skin to dissolve oil and impurities such as make up, then you remove the oil with a steaming hot towel which opens up the pores to allow a deeper cleanse of impurities.

To be honest I wasn’t completely convinced it would remove all my makeup (and I wear allot trying to cover up my blemishes!) but following the technique that I researched I found it removed every ounce of makeup. For the first few days I followed with a toner just to make sure and the cotton wall ball was always free of foundation!

Best oils to try:

  • Castor Oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Jojoba oil

The Method

Pour the oil into the palm of your hand (roughly the size of a 10 cent/quarter piece).

Rub the palms of your hands together to warm the oil and begin to massage over face. Spend a few minutes massage your face to allow the oil to remove the built up oil.

Wet a face towel or washer with hot water and wring out. The towel needs to be very hot but not too hot that it will burn you! (be careful). Place the towel over your face and allow the steam to do the work. This may take a minute or so, until the towel cools down. Wipe the towel over your face to remove the make up. Soak the towel again and repeat.

Depending on what products you use afterwards you may like to leave enough of the oil on your face to act as a moisturizer. I have been removing all of it as I follow with Argan oil.

My skin feels so balanced after doing this method. Much better than a normal cleanser. However I have only been doing this at night and in the morning I am using a natural aromatherapy cleanser from Perfect Potion.

I’d love to hear from you if you have tried this method! Leave a comment

  • Anna

    hi lyn, i have used OCM and find it’s really effective for removing all my makeup. i use coconut oil, or an oil blend from Garden of Wisdom (online natural skincare store based in the states). i find the Garden of Wisdom one rinses cleaner than the coconut oil, which i have to wipe off with a wash cloth to fully remove. i just use the OCM every now and then, as i usually use a cream cleanser morning and night. OCM is also great for removing plugs of oil from your skin!! i always end up with a few small plugs of gunk in my hand after OCM!!

    having said all this, i recently discovered that many people have huge problems with OCM, and it has really messed up their skin. they’ve ended up with bad cystic acne. you can google it to read some of the bad stories.

    so, i haven’t had any issues with OCM (possibly because i only do it every once in a while?), but just wanted to let your readers know that some people have had a bad time with it and they should do further research before trying it : )

    • LynMcF

      Hey Anna,
      Thanks for sharing. I am sure it’s different for everyone so it’s great that you let everyone know to be careful. So far I have been ok but I might switch it up a little and not do it every day..
      I don’t know if I have noticed a plug of oil! Yuck – lol :)

      • Anna

        yeah, the oil plugs are gross, but also mildly satisfying! feels like you’re getting a deep cleanse : )