Natural Remedies for Clear Skin

One of my most popular posts on this blog is the one I did on how to come off the pill without getting acne. I have written briefly about my journey but seeing I still get comments and emails regarding my progression I thought I would do a follow up post.

It has been 7 months and my skin is still struggling but I refuse to go back on the pill. The more I learn about the pill the more frustrated I get with doctors who prescribe it so freely for girls who have breakouts or period pain. Doctors fail to inform us of the negative effects it has long term on our bodies. It is one of the worst things to put into your body! It completely zaps your body of nutrients and stops your body having a natural cycle. I went 15 years without having a natural menstrual cycle which is why when I have come off it my hormones have gone haywire.

There have been many times I have wanted to go back on it because my skin has been so bad. I wear a truck load of makeup to cover it and I feel so much insecurity about it – heck I haven’t worn my hair off my face for so long as my hair has become my security blanket to hide behind! BUT I am soldiering on. I have tried many very expensive treatments and nothing has worked so I have decided to stop spending so much money on harsh chemical products and go natural. I am finally seeing results. My skin still has a long way to go and I still have a lot of red scarring, but these are the things I am starting to see clear my skin.

Argan oil – You may be familiar with argan or Morrocan oil as a  hair treatment but it is a wonderful skin treatment oil.  What you may be surprised to hear is that argan oil actually helps acne as it regulate the amount of oil the sebaceous glands produce. It also works as an anti-inflammatory and is effective in reducing scars. Try to find 100% pure argan oil which you can buy online, or some pharmacies sell. If you are in the US Sephora sells a beautiful argan oil by Josie Maran.

Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is an anti-bacterial product that won’t dry out your skin like so many acne treatments. It will help to unblock the sebaceous glands, disinfects the area and  will help to dry out the pimple. You may also like to add it to a little aloe vera gel if you are finding it too intense (although I use it directly to acne areas and have had no problems – it does’t make my skin flakey and I can put make up on without looking like  my skin is falling off!) The best thing about tea tree oil is that it is super cheap. A bottle costs less than $5 and you can use it for so many other things. I must have for your medicine cabinet!

Apple Cider Vinegar – A wonder cure for absolutely everything! I dampen a cotton ball with water and then pour on a little apple cider vinegar to wipe all over my faith. This will act as a toner and gently exfoliate and balance the PH+ of your skin. So many products we apply to our skin disrupt the natural PH+ balance so it makes sense to use this as a toner. Apple Cider Vinegar also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties so it is perfect for keeping your skin clear. Again another cheap solution regardless of whether you have acne or just want to keep your complexion glowing.

Juicing – After my 7 day cleanse I have continued to Juice regularly. I still have my green smoothie every day but also top it off with an extra one or two juices. My skin was noticeably clearer once I started juicing. It hasn’t been a cure but I know it helps so I would rather invest my money on fresh juices than expensive chemical filled skin care products.

I have switched to a basic cleanser and take a zinc supplement, but as you can see I am keeping it pretty simple and I will continue to let you know how I go. In my original article I said I would use acupuncture as a treatment but to be honest I haven’t had acupuncture due to cost and time. I know Ashy Bines (a hugely successful fitness girl in Australia) has been posting about her battles with acne after coming off the pill and acupuncture has been her cure so I know I will start this soon. I need to make time to see my brother (who does chinese medicine). I will blog about this once I have a a few sessions.

I have taken awful acne “before” pics but will post them once I can show you my success story! (I am too scared to show you yet!)

If you have been battling acne and want to share what has helped or your frustrations I’d love for you to leave a comment and start this conversation.


Lyn xxx

  • Jessica Gordon

    I had terrible acne after I stopped the pill (years ago). I did a lot of the natural remedies you talked about in this post, but I also broke down and went to an acne clinic in town. I did 8 treatments of Clearlight Acne Photoclearing (1 per week). Basically you lay under a special blue light and the light waves kill the bacteria (it’s UV free, so it wont cause sunburn or aging). I found it really worked for me. After that treatment, I really tuned the corner and my skin became much better.

    Now my complexion is great! But I remember how stressful of I time that was for me.

  • L Sull

    Hi Lyn, I’m 32 and I have lived your story. I have been off the pill for just over 6 months and the only thing that has helped my acne, aside from eating clean, is vitamin b3. My naturopath recommended that I try it as a skin cream – I get niacinamide 4% topical gel compounded at the medicine shoppe. It is inexpensive and it works. I still get breakouts but they are not nearly as bad nor do they last as long. I cannot go a day without it. Good luck!

    • LynMcF

      Thanks for sharing your tip on B3. I am going to go get some! I know there is a skin care range that uses it. I forget what it’s called but I was seeing the advertising on Beauty for awhile. I was just cautious because it was another acne treatment that I thought may not work. If I can get it from the chemist I will try it. My skin is starting to clear from acupuncture but I will try this as well. Can you buy it over the counter or you need a prescription? Thanks!!

      • L Sull

        I originally had a “prescription” from my naturopath but when I ran out I called the medicine shoppe and because it was a topical vitamin compound they said I didn’t need a prescription and they gave me a refill. The real benefit for me has been that it really dries up the oil and cuts down on the production. If I do get a break out it really dries it out quickly, whereas before I was getting painful cystic acne on my cheeks and especially chin, jaw and neck. The niacinamide has truly worked wonders! And I’m with you, go natural and get it made for you. Off the shelf products have so many fillers

    • Jodie

      I’m currently using medik8 betagel which is $80 for a really small bottle and it is primarily comprised of niacinamide. I’d love to use a cheaper option – do I just ask at the pharmacy for a vitamin B3 niacinamide topical cream?

      • L Sull

        Yes, try that. I’m from East Coast Canada and “the medicine shoppe” here is kind of like an alternative pharmacy because they do a lot of their own compounding and natural tonics. I was told I didn’t need a prescription because it is a natural product….. $80 is crazy!
        Good luck.