Believe You Are Worthy!

There is a common thread amongst women that I am unraveling as I delve into health and fitness coaching. One in which I am also unraveling in my own personal life and that is, a very common feeling of unworthiness.

Every women has a strong desire in their life that they are struggling to bring into fruition which is usually due to a subconscious (and not so subconscious) feeling that they aren’t worthy of the very thing they desire.

When working through the blocks that stop us manifesting our hearts desires, feeling worthy plays a big part in bringing our dreams into reality.

We often know we are deserving, but worthy? I am afraid many of us have been lead to believe that we aren’t. This falls heavily on the story that we tell ourselves (more on that topic here) and the circumstances and people that we are attracting into our lives due to these deep rooted feelings we have towards ourselves.

As you may have read – I have been working through some of my issues (physical and emotional) with kinesiology sessions and one thing that was revealed through muscle testing was that I didn’t think I was worthy of a relationship. This has a lot to do with why I was attracting such negative experiences in relationships as our thoughts create and attract our experiences! Now if you had of asked me do I feel worthy of a relationship I would have answered yes, but my subconscious was telling another story. When I really thought about it I realised that I was  still believing and telling the story of not being good enough and always feeling rejected.

When I speak to my health coaching clients or friends I hear that this is something so many are believing, that they aren’t worthy. They aren’t worthy of the relationship, the job, the body, the health, the happiness, the money, etc. It’s crazy to think how much we have been programmed to believe a whole lot of lies about ourselves.

It made me question what it really meant to feel worthy, what does that even mean? So I looked it up, and do you know what I found? Just above the internet definition of  “worth” there was an ad. What is wrong with this picture??

I pretty much gasped when I saw right above the meaning of “worthy” was a google ad saying “why men pull away, 10 ugly mistakes women make that ruins any chance of a relationship? So basically google ads has figured out that women may be the ones googling the word worthy and they obviously don’t feel good about themselves so hey why not put an ad making them feel like there is something wrong with them!!!

No wonder so many of us struggle with feeling good enough when we are constantly told we are not! That we need to be thinner, or curvier,  taller, shorter, more intelligent or less.

No one is saying “Be yourself because you are perfect and worthy just the way you are! Where is the freak’n google ad for that??

Do you want to know why that is? Because people gain from your insecurities, businesses make money and sometimes even the people we love feed off our insecurities.

But I am here to tell you that this is another fairy tale that you are believing because you are worthy, you are perfect and you are deserving of everything in your heart. There is nothing that you need to change, you don’t need to lose weight, get a boyfriend, find a better job, play the game. You haven’t done anything wrong! You just need to be you!

You need to start reminding yourself of all the reasons you are worthy!

One of the exercises that my kiniseologist, Ani had me do is write out 400 reasons (yes 400 freak’n reasons) why I am worthy of a relationship!! This really helps reprogram the brain into believing and seeing the truth! When you spend time thinking about these things and writing them down you begin to see how awesome you really are and how silly you’ve been for thinking otherwise. It also helps shift your energy so you can start attracting better things into your life.

I am only up to 118 but I really am letting go of the part of me that was stuck.

So who is with me in closing the door to unworthiness and seeing the jewel that you are? Take time out to write down why you are worthy of the things you desire. See if you can beat me to 400!


Believing in you

Lyn xx