Can You Really Lose a Dress Size in 7 Days??

Lose a dress size in 7 days!

Lose 5 pounds in 10 days!

How to fit int your skinny jeans in 2 weeks!

How to get a bikini body!

These are all headlines turning up in my inbox the past week; aligned with the “New Year, New You” spiel that most companies  are using to sell  their products.

This time of a year everyone starts thinking about how they can improve their lives and marketers know they have a small window of opportunity to take advantage of you during this time of year.

Have I mentioned to you before that my background is in media/advertising/marketing? I know all the strategies behind these companies!

The fitness and diet industry is particularly booming this time of year. Although I always encourage people to find a fitness programme and get sweating; I get pissed off when people make ridiculous or unhealthy claims to make money from people’s weakness!

I have signed up to a fair few fitness websites/blogs to see what other people are doing online so I have been inundated with emails with enticing headings such as the above.

What’s worse is that for a second I was sucked in!

Next week I am doing a photo shoot for my upcoming e-book and those feelings of not being good enough are quickly resurfacing. I keep worrying about not having abs yet  or not being as cut as I would like to be, despite training hard! I worry that I will be bloated on the day, as you all know my stomach has a mind of its own!

My fear based thoughts get in the way. Despite knowing my body is in better condition than most people’s and I am happy with my body most of the time, I still have thoughts like “who the hell do I think I am writing an e-book and doing a photo shoot!”

I had never in my life felt body pressure until recently, but when you start working in the health and fitness industry it’s almost expected that you have the “perfect body”.

Of course, when those thoughts take over, I am sucked into those one liners like “how to lose 5 pounds in 7 days”. I don’t even need to lose 5 pounds but a flatter stomach would be appreciated!

Fortunately I know enough about nutrition and fitness to understand that these schemes are a lie. Very few people are going to see the results that they claim in the period of time. I also know the advice isn’t particularly healthy.

The age-old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” should always be remembered!

I understand that these techniques of cutting out all carbs or carb cycling may be beneficial for models or body builders who need to look their best for a certain day as their career depended on it. But for the average person it’s not realistic or healthy. What you’re losing in mostly water and you will regain this quickly once you resume your regular diet. You may even slow down your metabolism.

The same princible applies to all the other gimmicks out there – ab machines, weightloss/gain shakes and pills. They are fueled by marketing campaigns which will have you think the product will change your life!

Your desire to lose weight should always be led by healthy habits. There are no quick fixes in life. There are band-aid solutions but the only method to sustaining weight loss is eating regularly, portion control. cutting our processed foods, sugar and trans-fat and eating foods as close to their natural state as possible. Oh and training your fat or flat arse off!

It may take longer than 7 or 10 days to drop a dress size but it will happen if you commit to eating clean!


Stay Healthy!
Lyn xx


  • Mira, London, UK

    Good day from cloudy London!

    Came across your site (by accident!) but have now flagged it. I don’t have any other health/fitness blogs on my bookmarks, but this site is special and easy to relate to.

    I just wanted to mention a diet I’ve just begun. I’ve never dieted before, I’ve no need to diet in terms of losing weight but I have health (and bloating!) issues. It’s called ‘Why do you overeat when all you want to be is slim’ by Zoe Harcombe. Now I wasn’t taken in by the title when I came across a blurb on DailyMailOnline – sounds like usual January gimmick – but it’s actually a well-thought, well-researched, life changer. And easy!

    I have no connection to Ms. Harcombe, the book industry or Daily Mail – I’m a housewife with two kids living in South Kensington London.

    This ‘diet’ (wish there was another word for eating habit ‘diet’ rather than losing weight ‘diet’), after just 10 days, has left me with boundless energy, no bloating (except when I drink milk – I’d never connected that before) and I’ve lost that continuous hunger that has led me to eat/binge on sugar-based crap for decades. The book is aimed at ridding your body of candida (if you have it, I certainly did), finding food intolerances (if you have them, I do – milk!) and dealing with the 3rd biggest health killer in the USA – hypoglycaemia (rising/crashing insulin levels). Three phases to the diet, first only 5 days. I could skip the 2nd phase as that was about losing weight and went straight onto 3rd phase where you can eat anything, just have to be clever about it (Zoe gives very helpful cheating tips!). This is exactly what you want from a diet book. I’ve been a gym bunny for over 20 years but for the last seven years (especially after 2nd child), my body just hasn’t behaved itself. And now – well for the last 10 days – it has.

    This is my new year revelation.

    They said there would be the apocalypse at the end of 2012 – apocalypse actually means revelation. Maybe we will all see something more clearly this year……..

    And best of luck with your new life choices. Glad you started your blog.

    • LynMcF

      HI Mira,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with this diet. It sounds great and I will look it up. I like diet’s that focus on health rather than to loose weight, after all when our health is balanced our bodies should be at it’s natural weight.
      I am so glad you had success with it and are feeling great.
      Lyn xx