Victoria’s Secret Angel Abs

Have I mentioned that I am totally in love with all things Victoria’s Secret? I get super excited for their annual parade. I love the glitter, the glam, the beautiful bodies and most importantly the angel wings!

I am even more obsessed with angels and would happily walk around every day with angel wings if my friends and family allowed it!

Women usually have two responses to the Victoria’s Secret Parade. They either feel like crap about their bodies and feel depressed, or they are in awe of the women, love the beauty and fun of the  parade and feel inspired to do some sit ups!

I don’t know about you but nothing inspires me more! But please, please remember my post this week about How To FEEL Good Naked. Only a very small percentage of women in this world will look like a Victoria’s Secret Model so all that is important is that you do your best to be as healthy as you can be and choose to love and be kind to yourself.

There are  women who see a beautiful  woman and instinctively try to tear them down and look for their faults so that they feel better about themselves. This is not cool! The only way to really see the beauty in yourself is to see the  beauty in other women. Women should be loving and supporting each other. It’s totally normal to feel a little jealous or down about your body but be aware that this is your ego talking and all things that come from the ego are illusions. The ego’s job is to separate us from love and keep us in fear based thoughts.

For those that want to work on their Victoria’s Secret Model Abs then check out Blogilates Ab workout. I have been doing this workout every day this week and it is a killer! Honestly it’s one of the best ab routines I have done. Also remember that abs are made in the kitchen so it’s vital that you are eating healthy meals and snacks.

Be kind to yourself and see the beauty in everyone.

Lots of light and angel love

Lyn xx

  • myinsolence

    great post and cool exercises. I definitely agree about how women tear down the VS girls. So not cool. I look at them as inspiration, esp. since they work really hard for their bodies.

  • Lyn

    Thanks! I am glad someone else agrees it’s not cool to tear down beautiful women! No need for it. Lyn xx