How to Have a Flow Day

One of my favourite things to do is to have a “flow” day! What’s a flow day I hear you ask? A flow day is when you let go of your schedule and plans and get out of your head so you can check in with yourself and let your intuition guide you for the day! When I have a flow day I usually get to go places I would’t normally go to, or have synchronised events show up and the best thing… I get more creative and have a lot of ideas come to me!


Check out my latest Vlog on how you can create more magic in your life by having a flow day!

What is an Upper Limit?

If you are in the entrepreneurial world or are familiar with Marie Forleo you may have heard of the term “Upper Limit”.

It’s usually a reaction, situation, circumstance that happens when everything is going really well. You may have finally received the promotion at work, in an amazing relationship that you had always wanted or just made a lot of money in your business. You have jumped to one level and it usually happens when you are about to jump to the next.

When asking my friend about it, he explained it to be a vibrational mismatch of sorts, which causes a bit of an explosion.

I had a situation recently which I quickly identified as an upper limit. I was sinking into a new reality, feeling great being out of my “day job” and really focused on building my business. I could feel the vibration of this new expansion and was feeling amazing that this could be my new life, that all my hard work and commitment was starting to pay off.

Then that night I went to check out an apartment because I need to move and I got really sick. Scary sick where I thought I was going to pass out or have a heart attack in a complete strangers home. I was dizzy, sweating, heart was palpitating and very light-headed. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! It took me until the next day to recover which is when I asked my friend and mentor what he thought had happened.

If I look back I can pinpoint exactly what had shifted as in a brief moment I shifted back to an old state of being.

I hit record when I was talking to my friend as I think this is conversation everyone needs to be aware of.

Oren Harris will explain what upper limits is and also in my situation we also talked about my fears of needing to go back to work and if I do, how to look for work in a new vibration that matches the new me.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Have you ever experienced something like this?

Part two coming soon where we talk more about collective consciousness, leadership and upper limits in a group or business.


5 Questions to Ask When You Feel Overwhelmed!

5 things to do when you are overhelmed

Are you going through  a season’s where you feel like something is “off”? Like you are in complete overwhelm or  feel a little flat? You may not be able top pin point it exactly; It’s not that you’re unhappy or depressed but something just doesn’t feel good.

When I get to this point I always ask myself these powerful questions:

Am I enjoying my life?

Do I feel a sense of excitement and joy with what I am doing with my life.  Do I like my work (for the most part). Do I feel a sense of fulfilment with how I spend my days. Am I experiencing great conversations and relationships? Life isn’t always a party but can I honestly say that I am experiencing fun in my life? If not how can I bring more fun into my life or start doing things I like to do!


Is my life aligned with my values?

I regularly write down what I value in my life (if you haven’t done this do this now!) I look at each area of my life and see if what my life actually looks like matches up with my values. For example, if I value close connections but spend all my time at work, something is wrong. Or if I value a lifestyle by the sea/near nature but living in the city, what can I do about that? If nothing is matching up I need to address this and start turning things around so I am living in alignment with my values.


Why am I so “busy”?

Busy seems like it has become an important status and is rarely a true reality. Meaning, we create our busyness from a negative space. When I feel too “busy” I take a look at why that is, usually I am doing it to avoid something that I really need to take a look at. I have caught myself taking on too much work because I am in “lack” mentality and think i need to work hard to make money, or I go out every night to avoid something that I am feeling. I ask myself what can I cut back on and what do I need to pay attention to. Is my busyness really that necessary? One of the most important steps you can make right now to feel better, is too slow the Eff down!!

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Meet Your Future Self

Dream life


What would life look and feel like if you knew with certainty that everything was going to work out perfectly?

What if you really didn’t need to worry because somewhere out there was a version of yourself that had already gone through exactly what you are going through right now and had the story to share?

Sound a little woowoo?

Whether your mind understands this as a reality or a fantasy you can change the game by meeting your future self!

This is a technique I am doing daily for various manifestations or simply to bring me confidence or get answers to a problem. I have been meditating on my future self for years but have only recently stepped in up into what’s called “Quantum jumping” where I go into a deep hypnotic state and jump into different dimensions, and meet different versions of myself.

Sometimes it’s a version of myself who has just finished the day I am about to embark on, or sometimes it’s a version of myself that lives in another city with a different lifestyle. Sometimes it’s many years into the future and occasionally I take myself back into the past.

My favourite and the one I see the most is possibly 5 years down the track living the life I dream about. She lives in a beautiful spacious home with ocean views, she has had an incredible day of doing work that she really loves (and hardly feels like”work”), and making a huge impact in people’s lives. After a fun, rewarding few hours of work she loves to hang out  at home or down at the beach with her partner, puppy and toddler laughing and having fun (and she is incredible well dressed, you should see her walk in wardrobe!)

Not only is it a fun practice (especially if you hate meditating) it has brought me more clarity, peace of mind, healing, knowledge and wisdom. Not to mention it feels powerful to really sit in a visualisation of a future I want to create. It take me much deeper than meditating or other visualisations I have tried before.

The biggest transformation and clarity comes from my own place of knowing. We all are our own guru’s, our soul always know the answer because they have travelled here many times before and are experiencing many different dimensions at the same time. Time isn’t linear!  Your past, present and future are happening in this very moment which means you can tap into the information that you already know from your future.

If you can’t understand this with the mind just let it sink it for a moment. You don’t have to understand this, your soul knows! If you choose not to understand this, in this way, then just for a moment play pretend because the mind doesn’t really know what’s real and what is false. After all we believe our fear based thoughts every day, so what if you could create a new reality just in the space of PLAY!

If you feel nervous before a job interview or a new experience just spend a few moments visualising yourself as the person who has already been through this experience (or gotten the job).

If you can’t make a decision about something, close your eyes for a few moments and imagine a version of yourself in a few years time and ask her what she did.

Feel unhappy or stuck but are not sure how to get out of the feeling, starting fantasising! If you let your mind wander it will take you to places you never even thought of!

I am listening to an audio series from Mindvalley called Quantum Jumping by Burt Goldman (ps I’m not an affiliate, simply sharing) which will go deep into this topic and guide you into the hypnotic state but you can start out by yourself.


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The Meaning of 11:11

meaning of angel numbers


Having spent the past 2 decades immersed in the spiritual world I had been exposed to many people talking about sacred numbers. It seemed that even my not so spiritual friends were seeing repeat of numbers, particularly 11:11. What does it mean, they would all ask me (as their go to angel loving friend). I would tell them that it was just a sign from their angels letting them know that they are being guided but to be honest, I had no freak’n clue because I had never experienced it. I thought I was on speed dial with my angels but seems they didn’t need to send me any 11:11 messages so I would just say “that’s so cool” when my friends told me, (but secretly disapointed at my own angels for not playing!).

That all changed this week when I repeatedly got woken up at 4:11 by by American friend who was seeing 11.11 on his end. The angels obviously thought it was pretty cool that 11:11 and 4:11 were aligning in the timezones!

It was happening not just at night but during the day as well and my friend and I were both seeing the number 4’s and 1’s.

What was even more interesting, is that the first night that it happened, I was having a nightmare where I was being attacked by demons (yes very dramatic!) and I was woken by the sound of my voxer message. I don’t usually check my phone in the middle of the night, but this time I did and it was a picture from my friend of his phone saying 11:11. Knowing that this was a very sacred number I knew my angels had just pulled me out of a very dark dream.

The second time I was woken up by my voxer message at 4:11am, I didn’t bother looking at my phone just smiled at the time, but when I checked it in the morning, the message had actually been sent many hours before but it had only come through at 4:11.

I should also mention that leading up to this I had made some pretty big leaps in my life and was starting to get really anxious with my decisions. I knew there were major things coming for me but I was going into freak out mode due to the resistance to my purpose. I had this awful feeling something bad was going to happen to me, so these angels messages were very timely.

These messages happened for about 4 days straight and then when woken up again at 4:11 I thought “ok angels what do you want, do you need to tell me something”. I heard the words, “Be the Muse”. At 4:11am I didn’t really even remember what the word muse meant! But I just said ok, is there anything else you need me to know or release? I went to sleep and had a very intense dream related to a past life which pretty much answered a lot of questions I had about a particular family relationship I had. It was impactful to say the least! The message of “Be the Muse” also made perfect sense in the morning as it was connected to a project that I am working on for women. They were telling me to lead by inspiration.

So with all that being said I have become a firm believer in angels (some my even just say higher consciousness)  using numbers to send us meanings in times of need.

There are many variations of sequences of sacred numbers but I will just share with you the sequence of the numbers I have seen this week because I think they are the most common.


Number one is the number of new things manifesting. When it appears as 11:11 (which is usually the number sequence people see first before they notice other sequences) it represents new opportunities and the angels want you to pay attention to your thoughts which hold the answers. The universe is manifesting your thoughts into reality and 11 represents the energy is happening at lightening speed so is at it’s most powerful. (so also note to watch your thoughts!).

11 also is a sign of spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment and divine life purpose.



Number 4 relates to our goals and desires and working towards them by  building a foundation. It also symbolises archangels so I’d like to think they will lead a helping hand. Put this together with the master number 1 which is related to our thoughts and desires manifesting into reality, and then add another one to represent 11, spiritual enlightenment, divine purpose, it’s a sure for sign from the angels that you are working towards your divine purpose and soul mission.


It’s quite common that once you start noticing your first few number sequences you will begin to see more and graduate to new numbers.

To read more about angel numbers my source is which has a more details description on all the numbers.


Have you been seeing a number sequence lately? I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below!

Much love