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Hey Beautiful,

I am pretty excited to announce the launch of my first health and fitness program “Body Breakthrough”.

I am really proud of this program, because I was sick of seeing fitness programs on the market that were extreme “shredder” programs and focused so much on getting a “Bikini Body!”. Sure they may get you results in a short time but how long will those results last?

One of the most important aspects of getting fit is creating the mindset that frees you from the negative thinking that is most probably causing your weight gain. That is why I have a whole section on mindset with tips on breaking free from the old patterns of thinking.  And of course there is meal plans, a nutritional guide, recipes and a 6 week exercise program for gym and outdoor/home training (print outs and videos)

Grab your copy  or find out more on Fit Girl Secrets HERE:

Today I wanted to share with you a little excerpt from my  program…….

My strategies

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The Healing Power of Blessing Yourself

to love oneself is the beginning of a beautiful relationshipThere was a time in my life when I hated myself so much I wanted to hurt myself. Maybe it wasn’t so much a hatred for myself, but more so a feeling I felt because I was so trapped in my pain. I would punch myself as an only escape from what I was feeling. Some days I wanted to run a knife through my skin. I just wanted it out so badly and it would leave my body in a explosive hatred towards my being.

It makes me cry to even imagine myself in that state. It’s almost hard to believe I could have ever felt that way, and I understand it is hard for many others to understand the mindset of self-harm.

Although that hatred does not exist in this moment, tonight it all came flashing back to me as I experienced a really moving Kundalini class. Our class exercises were all centered around opening the heart and removing the blocks that keep us guarded.

Tonight we practiced the art of blessing ourselves. A very simple meditation practice but something that had me in tears. We sang along to the lyrics, “I bless myself, I bless myself, I am, I am” while we placed our hands on every inch of our body.

At first I smiled along with this meditation but soon the memory of those self-harm days came flooding back to me and it saddened me to my core, that I could have ever been anything but loving to my body.

What I also realised, was that I had been doing this very practice somewhat subconsciously for some time now in my meditations so it seemed that my soul knew what to do. When I meditate by myself sometimes the energy is so strong that my hands move over my head and move back down. The first time this happened it frightened me as my arms were moving by themselves and It was the most bizarre thing. The energy was so strong it was as though someone had hold of my arms and was moving them for me.

Of course the mind gets in the way and the fear put a stop to it. But the motion I was making was like I was anointing myself. Then last week it happened again but this time the energy went up to my face and the areas I have been having skin issues. I was in a trance-like state so didn’t even realise what I was doing, this time there was no fear and I allowed spirit to take over.

It wasn’t until this meditation tonight that  I realized that I had been blessing myself and sending love and healing to the places that needed it. It always amazes me how when you allow your “higher self”, your spirit, soul or God within to take over,  you will find that all the healing and love you are looking for is within you.

Leaving the class I felt a little fragile and I wondered how many other women would be healed from regularly blessing themselves. If it could stir up such emotions in me, at this stage of my life when I am feeling pretty loved and peaceful, then what would it do for those women who were really struggling in their skin.

So I wanted to share this with you to be open to practicing this meditation regularly. I know it will now be part of my meditation practice.

I want you to find yourself a quiet place, sitting cross legged or whatever is comfortable for you. Spend a few moments with your hands in prayer position in front of your heart center.

Play this song which I found on youtube but you may be able to download it somewhere. Then place your hands wherever you may feel guided. You may concentrate on one area or cover every part of your body.

At first you may feel uncomfortable or silly, but please get out of your head for a moment and just go with it. Even if you don’t feel the love, please allow yourself just a few minutes to give your body what it really needs. This will be more powerful for you then any diet, any health or fitness regime.


Blessing and much love

Lyn xx

The Sweet Spot – How The Work Pays Off

you are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way

I sat with my arm stretched out in front of me fighting back the tears from being the pain. I had to fight my mind telling me this wasn’t normal, that I should give up, but I knew that I had to find the calm in the chaos

This was meditation.

This was life.

I have found myself back to what I believe my soul needs - Kundalini. I have had many fights with Kundalini, resisting it, and telling myself that it was bringing up too much negativity, but it is always calling my name. Now I understand why it does bring up a lot of negativity and that’s not a bad thing. Some things just need to get out and Kundalini has this incredible power to do this. It brings it up and then it heals.

The thing with Kundalini is that it forces you to find peace in the pain. Most of the meditation practices are incredibly uncomfortable. I am not talking normal yoga pose uncomfortable, I mean you may actually cry it’s that unbearable. But then it follows with such a sense of achievement.

Kunalini awakening pose

So as I sat there holding my arm in front of me for the longest 8 minutes of my life trying to keep my mind calm I realised how far I had come.

In some ways it seems like an eternity since I wrote to you about being stripped bare and the pain I went through last year. Then other times it seems like just yesterday. All I know is I couldn’t be further away from that place. The past 6 months have been such an awakening that I pinch myself about all that I have been manifesting. It’s like I finally get it. I finally get what it feels like to feel pure bliss and joy for no reason at all.

Some people I meet now think that I have always been this way, only few in my life remember picking me up from the bathroom floor or listening to me cry with such a deep hopeless sorrow.

But in those tears my heart was breaking open and I was being stripped bare to build a completely new dimension of myself.

I often get asked how I got through it, or people I meet somehow know they can share their deepest pain and secrets with me. They always want me to tell them the miracle quick fix. All I can say is, you have to do the work and you have to be consistent.

If you do the work, if you’re consistent and show up every day, you will hit the sweet spot.

“The work” may look different for everyone. What worked for me, may not work for you.

“The work” is something that needs to be done daily, if not with every breath and is not something you only find in a weekend personal development seminar.

That’s where people give up. They get so high on a quick fix but then they can’t transfer it into their everyday moments.

One thing I know for sure is “The work” involves feeling the pain. At least in the beginning.

I think feeling the pain, allowing it, honouring it and having compassion for it, is where the miracle happens.

Everyone tries to avoid this feeling so will try techniques to run around it, but you must run straight into it.

That’s what Kundalini practice teaches you, you have to get into the pain to allow your mind to react differently towards in.

I think the reason I have come such full circle is the past year is because I actually cried for the longest time. I felt the pain more than I have ever in my life. I just let it out, I showed it to people, I stopped hiding it.

you have to keep breaking you heart until it opens

So I want to ask you how badly do you want to change your situation? Are you willing to do the work? Are you willing to commit to a practice, whatever that may look like for you? Are you ready to stop making excuses?

Eventually it doesn’t feel like work at all. In the beginning the last thing I wanted to do was meditate, or do EFT or talk to anyone about it. All the things I knew would help, but I couldn’t bear to be alone with myself or even take a look at it. But I did it anyway. Sometimes I just sat there in silence, other days I could feel a flicker of peace and light.

But now I look forward to my meditation time. I can’t get enough of it and wake up early for it! For me, a lot of my work gets done through meditation. It gives me a high that I crave. All the work I have done on myself has allowed me to stay in the present moment and have less attachment to outcomes, people or circumstances.

When you know you have work to be done, you’re not going to want to do it, you will have major resistance and your ego will give you every reason to give up, but I truly believe you are stronger than that.

I don’t want to list what doing the work means, In fact you may even hate that term “work”. Call it something else if you need to. I know the right method will come to you, just put an intention out into the universe to find something that will work for you. It will come to you! (Kundalini chased me down until I couldn’t ignore it! All my teachers and healers have come to me this way too)

Be consistent. Give yourself a chance, you are so worth showing up for.

Believing in you and much love

Lyn xx

Meet Singer/Songwriter and Kinesiologist, Ani (aka Anikiko) Neradilkova

Last year I posted a blog about my Kinesiology session with the extraordinary light that is Ani Neradilkova.  Ani (pronounced Unyee) and I went to school together but hadn’t seen each other since until the universe literally dropped her back into my life in a very random meeting. (Don’t you love when that happens!) It was one of those moments that I knew was not just a chance meeting as the night before I had literally prayed to God to send me help and boom she appeared! She has been such a light to me in so many ways.


I really want to share Ani with the world not just because I am lucky enough to have been blessed with her friendship but because her work, combining Kinesiology, energy work and sound makes her a force to be reckoned with.  This girl knows how to cut through the crap and I speak from experience in saying that she will bring it out and heal it, just like that.

We share the same vision in empowering and inspiring women so I can see the two of us doing a lot of work together in the future. For now I want you to get to know Kinesiologist and singer/songwriter Ani Neradilkova aka Anikiko.


Get Clear Skin With The Oil Cleansing Method

Did you know that the best way to treat oily skin is with oil? I think in the past year I have tried everything to clear my skin after coming off the pill and the natural approach is by far winning.

What I realized was happening with most cleansers (especially those that are designed to treat acne) was that they were actually stripping my skin (even the gentle ones). My skin would then go into overdrive to repair by producing more oil leading to a vicious cycle.

I had stumbled across a blogger raving about clearing her skin using natural oils like Jojoba or castor oil so I looked into it a little more.

Turns out it has been an effective treatment for acne for many people. It also balances out the skin for those that experience sensitivity or dryness.

The method involves massaging natural oil into your skin to dissolve oil and impurities such as make up, then you remove the oil with a steaming hot towel which opens up the pores to allow a deeper cleanse of impurities. (more…)

Why Manifesting Is Not Working For You!

Manifesting is such a buzz word and a lot of people are opening up to the idea that they have the power to create all that they desire but why can’t you manifest that thing you want the most?! I mean you’ve done the vision board and all that jazz but still nothing.

If that sounds familiar you must check out my video on what’s going wrong and the real secret to manifesting.

I feel so connected to the flow after a seminar with Amir Zoghi and Oren Harris. If you’re really struggling with getting into the “flow” I am sure their work will help you.

They were both amazing but I really resonated with Oren and got the chance to hang out with him afterwards. I am pretty sure he could stop traffic with his energy if he wanted to! I really was blow away by how in the zone he was, how he could communicate with his silence and just radiate perfect pure love. Check him out and connect on Facebook because connecting with that type of energy can only make radical shifts in your life.

Have an awesome week in the flow!

Believing in you

Lyn xx



What Would You Tell a 5 Year Old?

If you stumbled across a young girl that was looking sad, perhaps your daughter, granddaughter, God daughter, niece or friend…….

Would you dare tell her that she wasn’t good enough, that she was ugly, stupid or fat? Would you tell her  that she would never get what she wanted, no girl wanted to be friends with her or no boy would ever ask her out.

Would you point out what needs fixing? Maybe a nose job, lose a few pounds and change her hair to get noticed?

Would you make her feel worthless and undeserving of your attention?

Or would you embrace her in your arms, tell her she was beautiful and that everything was going to be alright.

Would you tell her how she could achieve anything that she dreams, that she was a great friend and that no boy was ever worth her tears?

Would you do whatever you could to make her smile again until she was giggling and skipping away feeling on top of this world.

What if this girl was you?

What would you say to your 5 year old self?

Would you treat her the way you treat yourself now at this age? (more…)

Soul Filled Sundays

Sunday’s should be a day where we can rejuvenate and slow down. Lately I’ve been working 7 days a week so Sunday’s have been far from rejuvenating but I have made a stance for my health and saying no to work (or at least some of it!) and make Sunday a day of rest (besides writing this blog post!).

My beautiful neighborhood! Every time I open the door of my apartment I step into a walking meditation! I took a walk along the coast from Clovelly to Bondi this morning finishing up at the markets.


I started a mini cleanse yesterday and have only had juice and smoothies for the past 2 days. To be honest I am really struggling this time and having awful detox symptoms but I wanted to give my body a break from digestion so it could regain the energy that I’ve lost from working so much. The best thing about a cleanse is how it forces you to slow down and you can really connect to the present moment. Cleansing is also about turning inwards for a few days and nothing better than Marianne Williamson’s soul food to turn to while I rest. This daily devotional book is a must read! (more…)

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