The Meaning of 11:11

meaning of angel numbers


Having spent the past 2 decades immersed in the spiritual world I had been exposed to many people talking about sacred numbers. It seemed that even my not so spiritual friends were seeing repeat of numbers, particularly 11:11. What does it mean, they would all ask me (as their go to angel loving friend). I would tell them that it was just a sign from their angels letting them know that they are being guided but to be honest, I had no freak’n clue because I had never experienced it. I thought I was on speed dial with my angels but seems they didn’t need to send me any 11:11 messages so I would just say “that’s so cool” when my friends told me, (but secretly disapointed at my own angels for not playing!).

That all changed this week when I repeatedly got woken up at 4:11 by by American friend who was seeing 11.11 on his end. The angels obviously thought it was pretty cool that 11:11 and 4:11 were aligning in the timezones!

It was happening not just at night but during the day as well and my friend and I were both seeing the number 4’s and 1’s.

What was even more interesting, is that the first night that it happened, I was having a nightmare where I was being attacked by demons (yes very dramatic!) and I was woken by the sound of my voxer message. I don’t usually check my phone in the middle of the night, but this time I did and it was a picture from my friend of his phone saying 11:11. Knowing that this was a very sacred number I knew my angels had just pulled me out of a very dark dream.

The second time I was woken up by my voxer message at 4:11am, I didn’t bother looking at my phone just smiled at the time, but when I checked it in the morning, the message had actually been sent many hours before but it had only come through at 4:11.

I should also mention that leading up to this I had made some pretty big leaps in my life and was starting to get really anxious with my decisions. I knew there were major things coming for me but I was going into freak out mode due to the resistance to my purpose. I had this awful feeling something bad was going to happen to me, so these angels messages were very timely.

These messages happened for about 4 days straight and then when woken up again at 4:11 I thought “ok angels what do you want, do you need to tell me something”. I heard the words, “Be the Muse”. At 4:11am I didn’t really even remember what the word muse meant! But I just said ok, is there anything else you need me to know or release? I went to sleep and had a very intense dream related to a past life which pretty much answered a lot of questions I had about a particular family relationship I had. It was impactful to say the least! The message of “Be the Muse” also made perfect sense in the morning as it was connected to a project that I am working on for women. They were telling me to lead by inspiration.

So with all that being said I have become a firm believer in angels (some my even just say higher consciousness)  using numbers to send us meanings in times of need.

There are many variations of sequences of sacred numbers but I will just share with you the sequence of the numbers I have seen this week because I think they are the most common.


Number one is the number of new things manifesting. When it appears as 11:11 (which is usually the number sequence people see first before they notice other sequences) it represents new opportunities and the angels want you to pay attention to your thoughts which hold the answers. The universe is manifesting your thoughts into reality and 11 represents the energy is happening at lightening speed so is at it’s most powerful. (so also note to watch your thoughts!).

11 also is a sign of spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment and divine life purpose.



Number 4 relates to our goals and desires and working towards them by  building a foundation. It also symbolises archangels so I’d like to think they will lead a helping hand. Put this together with the master number 1 which is related to our thoughts and desires manifesting into reality, and then add another one to represent 11, spiritual enlightenment, divine purpose, it’s a sure for sign from the angels that you are working towards your divine purpose and soul mission.


It’s quite common that once you start noticing your first few number sequences you will begin to see more and graduate to new numbers.

To read more about angel numbers my source is which has a more details description on all the numbers.


Have you been seeing a number sequence lately? I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below!

Much love


God’s Eyes

God's eyes


Has it ever occurred to you that you are seeking God with His Eyes.


This is the the depth of my morning instagram scroll!

This quote was posted by my friend and Coach, Oren with his interpretation:

“Seeking can be a form of resistance that blocks us from experiencing the very thing we are seeking. It’s kind of ironic that the moment we give up, because we’ve failed enough, suffered enough and we finally decide to surrender the search… then boom! What we are seeking reveals itself to us. Surrender an come through chaos or wisdom. To the mind surrender can seem passive, weak and uneventful… in truth it’s the exact opposite! You are what you are seeking!” – Oren Harris

This quote had me thinking all day.

I was a seeker for a long time, growing up God just was, there wasn’t a lot to question but through the turmoil of life I searched everywhere and in every way. God was so far from me that I desperately wanted some confirmation that he was real. I had a deep fear that he wasn’t and that it was just a made up story along with Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.

I dabbled in every religion, kneeled on wooden pews to light candles in Catholic Church,  jumped up and down in Christian mosh pits amongst the smoke machine at Hillsong Church, chanted along with the Hare Krishna’s in Kirtan, tried Yoga of every kind, and studied new age philosophies but for the most part it was all just spiritual entertainment. Some of which (mainly Christian church) that sent me further away from what I was seemingly so desperate for.

I tried to just give up on it all, I declared I was an atheist for 5 minutes while dancing naked in a fire  (not literally, you know what I mean!) During those times I didn’t want to believe in much at all, but for the most part I was just really pissed with this God I was supposed to believe in (went as far as ripping up a bible and throwing it against a wall!). Despite everything I had always just known there was God.

The issue with my seeking was that I saw God outside of myself and was perceiving God though my mind. Through my mind God had abandoned me, through my mind God had human like qualities (judgement, punishment etc).  Through my mind I was resisting God and all the gifts of the universe, unable to fully receive God.

I failed to see God through the “I” that is God.

Somewhere along the way this began to click. I slowly was able understand and embody that what I seeking, was also seeking me because it was me. Through surrender, quietness, pleasure, meditation, dance, music and connection to all that is, I began to cultivate this part of me. I could see through God’s eyes, I could tap into God’s infinite power and wisdom.

I often describe this state of being as God Mode, or Queen Mode. It’s a place where you have a deep knowing of all that is. It’s the place connected to where you came, a place you know all the answers and don’t need to go outside of yourself for guidance, a place filled with love, joy, peace and power.

There still is somewhat of a fight for the throne within me, perhaps there always will be,  my soul and ego fighting it to take control but the more I connect within the more I find my soul is leading.

God doesn’t have to be a far fetched magical idea, or an ideology created by religion. There is no right or wrong way to connect. God is everywhere, in everything, including you. You also don’t have to follow anyones’s path, you may simply connect by following your heart and finding things that light you up. Or simply surrender and you will feel what has always been within you.

One thing I know for sure is that God isn’t something you seek….You don’t need to seek something that isn’t lost.




E-Motion – How our Emotions are Effecting Our Bodies


I have always said that there are worst things than the food we eat. One being the thoughts that we have whilst we eat the food. If you have guilt, shame, self hatred or judgment when you eat a piece of cake, then the chemicals that your body is creating based on this emotional response, is far worse than the sugar and fat in the cake.

I recently watched the documentary E-motion (which stands for energy movement) and is about the leading role our emotions play on the development of disease and imbalances within our body. We are so quick to blame the foods we eat or environmental factors for disease but so many of us fail to really understand the pivotal role emotions have in causing disease. Emotions are completely normal aspect of being human but it’s how we are holding onto our emotions and not dealing with them that is causing the issue.

Thought creates emotions and emotions create behavior

Every emotion has a different vibration. When we are suppressing our emotions and not really feeling them, then that energy can lodge anywhere in the body which can disrupt the tissue.

The only disease that really exists is chaos at the atomic level which leads to chaos and the  molecular level which leads to chaos at the cellular level. When enough cells are in chaos we feel symptoms which may lead to disease

You can only imagine what the long term affects of emotions such as anger, rejection and hatred are having on our bodies!

You most likely have heard the term “flight or fight”. This is a natural response from the body to get ourselves out of danger. Unfortunately many of us are in this flight or fight mode all the time.

Dr Joe Dispenza says that ” All organisms in nature are designed for short term stress but humans hold onto the images and feelings from the past as if they were happening in the present”.


An animal, for instance, may be chased by a lion and his natural  reactive state might will be “flight or fight” which gives him the adrenaline to run from the lion, but if he escapes he is quickly back to his calm state. He’s forgotten about the lion.

Humans seem to naturally hold onto past experience (or even lies) and not only believes them, we keep the emotional response stored in our body!

The mind forms a truth about a memory or experience, then comes up with a thought. Based on that thought we then generate an appropriate emotion and as a result our heart rate may increase and our immune system suppresses and our body is pumped with cortisol.


We are so used to living with this amount of stress in our system that our body continues to believe this stress is real.


Our body doesn’t know the truth of  the emotion if we perceive danger. whether  it is real or not the body still produces chemicals which become very addictive to our bodies.

If emotions are stored from a belief that was created in the past it usually believes it is in the same environmental condition 24 hours day, 7 days week, 365 days week!! No wonder we are tired all the time!

These stored up emotions are also causing us to recreate the same patterns in our life which validate this false belief and we enter an exhausting cycle which is hard to get out of. We actually become addicted to the chemical that these emotions are producing that it’s hard to break.

The goods news is that it is easy to release these emotions once we become aware of the pattern.

Our subconscious mind holds the key in un-coding the stored emotion.

The solution?



Surrender to all that you feel so it has the opportunity to move through you.


From my own experience I have been able to release toxic emotions from simply feeling them as they arise. I allow myself to go through the process, no matter how painful it is.

In the past I have not wanted to really feel what was going on. I would do anything to avoid it or make myself feel better. I saw my emotions as such a weakness that I didn’t feel I could stay in them too long. I also had no idea how to express my emotions as I had always been taught to suppress my feelings from a young age.

It’s taken me years to be ok with being emotional and I have experienced how healing this can be.

There are also many things I have been able to release through EFT tapping. Tapping works on the the meridian points and gives you the opportunity to express what you are feeling while tapping on these powerful points. What always amazes me is how I can be tapping on one issue but then other things get released from my subconscious which I didn’t realise where still bothering me. Once the emotion is uncovered from my subconscious that is often enough to shift the energy from my body.

There are many parts to living a healthy life, but  taking responsibility for our emotions and energy will play a big part in healing and disease prevention.

Next time you feel yourself become stressed. Ask yourself if this is really the truth? Come back to the present moment of what is in front of you right now. The present moment is where you can feel the peace that really is the truth.

If you find this difficult try EFT (read more HERE) and if you feel emotional or are going through something difficult, don’t ever bottle up what you are feeling. Let it all out and surrender to the process.

Experiencing Sadness After a High

Spiritual expansion and contraction

*Photo credit iso.500px

Since my teenager years I have dedicated a lot of time to personal growth. I have established a committed mediation practice, connect with source often, have had coaching, mentoring and healing of all sorts. I have faced, felt and moved through emotions that I had carried around and stored in body.

In my growth and expansion I have experienced miracles and magic and had pretty far out experiences (which you might have to buy me a glass of wine before I tell you those things!).

However  I was always frustrated and confused by how often I go into a state of contraction after a huge expansion. Not for long, but I seem to always contract after I expand.

I will have an incredible experience and feel like a walking God, tapped in, turned on and in total Queen mode. Then a few days later be a bawling, blabbering mess. I could never understand what was happening or why I couldn’t stay happy for God’s sake!

Although my contractions are becoming much less intense and very manageable I have come to understand that they are a necessary part of growth.

My friend and mentor once said to me that the contracted state was like a muscle that you are working on at the gym (yes he knows my language!) The contraction (concentric) part a biceps curls is just as vital to the muscles growth as the expansion (eccentric) move. When we are working the muscle int his way with focused attention (and intention) we are also tearing the muscle fibres up to promote muscle growth and it may take a few days of soreness to reap the results.

Our personal growth is exactly the same. With every major breakthrough there may come a few days of sadness as our soul is letting go and rebooting itself (so to speak).

It is also a law of physics that what comes up must come down and if you have recently been trampolining (please go if you haven’t been, I don’t care how old you are!) you will remember that the higher you jump, the more you will sink into the trampoline as you come down, but if you have focus, intention and are in a state of surrender, you can very gracefully bounce back up even higher.

Sometimes we can get caught up in the fall . You may feel like the ego is taking over (again) and feel defeated because you think that you should never go that low, but allowing yourself to feel the depth of your experience is what allows you to get to new heights.

Something else that can happen is that in the state of expansion, your soul will attract something into your life to really prove it’s point. For instance, a few weeks ago I had a really deep mediation and prayer night. I was feeling incredible and powerful and like the heavens at opened up in front of me. In my mediation I had spirit tell me that I had to let go of something that I was holding on to for dear life. I did muscle testing (will teach you this sometime) to confirm that the message was clear and I knew that it was time to let go and move on. Within a few days I had someone in front of me related to this thing I needed to let go of and they were also confirming it, but I was taking it really to heart when it came from them and felt really attacked and hopeless. I cried a really ugly cry for hours and hours. I couldn’t believe I had gone from feeling like a powerful Queen to a crying mess in 24 hours. A good friend of mine just pointed out the obvious. I had a message from spirit and the universe brought it right in front of me to confirm. It wasn’t contraction, it was just part of the expansion. I had to fully let go and yes it sucked for a bit!

If you are in this contracted state and are feeling frustrated with the feeling, simply understanding  and acknowledging the process and necessity of this state will help you move up to your expanded state of being.

Be gentle and allow yourself to feel everything that is going on. Use the contracted time to rest and relax and connect to something that gives you pleasure. Move your body, get out for a walk or go to the gym to release the frustration

One practice that I have found particularly powerful in this contracted state is Dancing. Dancing is a great way to integrate everything that you have taken on in the expansion. Sometimes we can have these huge shifts in our head and heart and make massive life changing breakthrough’s but if we don’t embody them and allow the new energy integrate into our bodies, the feeling of expansion does not last long. The vibration of the new energy can feel like too much if it’s not integrated into our body.

A dance class where you can really get down and be free is a perfect way to move through this feeling. Any dance will do but I have had huge shifts in the last few months from Kundalini and Tantra Dance (not as scary as it sounds) and ecstatic dance. (Sydney friends check out 5 Rhythms dance in Newtown)

As always, be kind and loving to yourself and look at the feeling with compassion, allowing it to be fully felt and expressed so that you can quickly move to the new heights of expansion.


Much love,



How to Meditate

How to Meditate


Meditation may seem like the in thing to do these days along with your Green Juice and Superfoods but it is a practice that goes back centuries and has been the turning point in my life. I have been meditating since my teens and have found it to be a powerful tool to stay happy, peaceful, healthy and to manifest my desires.

Check out today’s video blog for easy tips on how to being a meditation practice.



My Favourite Meditations

Ong So Hung

I am that I am – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Meditation for Aura – Karena Virginia

I am – Karena Virginia

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