How to Leave a Legacy

The last few days I have been thinking a lot about the passing of Jessica Ainscough, the very well known Australian Wellness Blogger and speaker. Although I didn’t know her personally she inspired me to start this blog and to help people live healthy lives.  Though saddened by the loss of her in this physical world, what I find magical is how much inspiration and love she has left this world. She didn’t make excuses or let her illness get in the way of making a difference. She left a legacy and the world is better because of her commitment to changing people’s lives.

Most of us want to live a legacy but often we are caught up in fear mode and make excuses as to why we can’t take action now.

But  now is all you have. ………. How do you want to leave this world?


Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance

Unlimitted abundance

A month ago I purchased Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance program.

The past 6 months or so I have been working on my “abundance” mentality because I have caught myself in “lack mentality too many times and I knew that I needed to work though this.

Abundance is not just about your finances. Abundance is an overflow of positive energy in every area of your life. How you do one thing is usually how you do everything, so if you have lack mentality in one area (such as your finances) you may be creating patterns of lack in other areas.

I have listened to abundance audio courses before but nothing has shifted me like this program. Many programs go through the typical abundance blocks such as family beliefs and self worth but this program covered things I never really associated with my finances.

Christie Marie is an intuitive energy healer so she can identify many of the subconscious beliefs that are holding people back (she can even see these energy blocks around people’s bodies!) The course is a recording of 24 live calls she did and each call has a topic of an abundance blocks.

The course covers blocks such as fear of scarcity, fear of numbers, financial illusions, clearing resistance, clearing self doubt, fear of growth and success and many others (you can read more about it here).

When I first started the listening to the audios I didn’t think it could possibly do anything. It was way too simple! After guiding me to connect to the light from above and below and extending my energy out as far as the universe, she went through all the blocks that was intuitively coming to her.  She then clears them by saying “delete, uncreate and de-story” across all time dimensions and realities. Then also gets us to say positive mantras like “what vibrational energy do I need to become to”…. (create an extra 1K a month or whatever it may be) and “What would it take to…(create and extra 1 K a month)”. The homework is to continue saying these clearing statements up to 40 times a day each day. I have said statements such as “What would it take for me to become a superhuman and know everything” and “What would it take for me to have my ultimate life and anything in the way of that I delete, uncreate and de-story” (or destroy). There are so many blocks that are so far out from your understanding, but also make perfect sense.

What I found interesting was that the first week I felt really irritated and anxious. My chest and throat felt really tight. I intuitively knew it was connected to the course so I kept repeating the clearing statements. By the 2nd week I was feeling my energy shift and noticing some amazing manifestations, including healing of a relationship. There were some days where the agitated feeling would come back, especially after certain topics on the audio, but I was committed to deleting my stories and welcoming in new energy.

I am experiencing lots of magic in my day and even finding money everywhere! I haven’t had any huge manifestations but I definitely feel my energy shifting and expanding and feel a much higher vibration. I use to be really tight with money and hold onto it because I was in lack mode, but I have felt so much more abundant and know that I can afford things.

I have not yet completely the entire program but  I am excited to see what else will manifest in my life. It’s really made me see the world as magical and has helped me connected to my higher self. I know that I have carried around stories about so many things (some of these things i have only become aware of) and I have been shown how easy it is to delete them and re-create what I really want for myself.


My favourite clearing statements…

Anywhere I feel I am blocked and can’t create or do the work I want to do I delete, uncreate and de-story.

Anywhere my energy is tied up to my old story I delete uncreate and de-story

Anywhere I feel that I can’t make more money than my father I delete, un-create and story.

Anywhere I am stingy with myself or others I delete uncreate and de-story

Anywhere I feel like I can’t take care of myself financially I delete, uncreate and de-story

Anywhere where I feel creative blocks I delete, uncreate and destroy

WWIT (What would it take) for me to come up with new ideas to make money

WWIT for me to manifest an extra $1000 a week without working harder

WWIT for my higher self to be in control all the time

WWIT for my higher self to bring more abundance and love into my life

WWIT to bring in all my dreams, values and visions.

WWIT for me to be very intuitive and always know what to do

What vibrational energy do I need to become to experience love in abundance

What vibrational energy do I need to become to allow my higher self to take over

What vibrational energy do I need to become to bring all my dreams to me now

What vibrational energy do I need to become to pay myself first, pay my debt and have more than enough money.

What vibrational energy do I need to become to serve millions and bring love and abundance to the world.


Try repeating these statements throughout your day and see your life expand!

Believing in you


P.S  I am not an affiliate of this program. I don’t make money from writing about it, I just want to share what has worked for me.

What to Do When You Suck!

if your passion doesn't include yourself

Today was one of those days where I felt like I really sucked. Actually it was only an hour of sucking but my “ego” and poor me mentality would like to dramatically write off the rest of the day too.

I had one of those pity parties where I felt useless and  not good at anything. The “story” I often tell myself is that  I’ve always been one of those people that was never particularly good at anything but I can also proudly say that I really try at everything!

Tonight I was teaching a class (while the owner was taking notes as I am going through the final stages of training a new style of fitness) and I just bombed. My head was fuzzy, I wasn’t feeling great to begin with and my brain just wasn’t functioning. After a few brain freezes on how to do particular exercises my confidence started dropping and I just wanted to sink into a hole. I could feel my energy leaving my body and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

My ego was in over drive with meanness telling me that I would never be good at this. I wanted to run away and say thanks but no thanks to the job opportunity.

Of course I wasn’t actually as bad as my head was telling me, I had decent feedback and my boss thought I did ok but ok wasn’t good enough to me.

So I walked home with my tail between my legs and my lip pouting and felt like a failure..

Does this sound familiar? I know there are some of you out there that are good at everything (I have those annoying friends too!) but I know there are times you probably feel like you suck too.

Sometimes we can allow ourselves to be stuck in this feeling for too long and create a story around it that only creates more disappointments.

In this instant I allowed myself to feel sorry for myself for about an hour and then I told myself it’s ok to suck. It’s ok to have a bad day. Even the best teachers have bad days! Compassion for ourselves can be our greatest strength.

I also owned up to the energy that I walked in with. I didn’t really want to be there, I was rushed and stressed and I hadn’t taken a moment to “regroup”.

There are times we will have to be somewhere that isn’t in our “flow” but we still need to bring our presence and energy to the situation. In these cases it’s always best to take a moment to breathe and visualize a good outcome. Often before I teach a class I often see myself with lots of white light around me, filled with energy and feeling confident. This usually stops the “lower self” ego getting in the way and taking me down.

The best news about a bad day or a sucky moment is that there is only one way up. sometimes life is up and down but when we love ourselves enough to experience both of these than we really step into our ultimate self.

We have the choice to let something take us down and create a story or allow it to move through us with acceptance.

What will you choose?

It Feels Like Home

It feels like reuniting with an old love, familiar, comfortable with lots of history!

It’s been a few months since I blogged on Stilettos and Green Juice. I was gong to say goodbye for good and focus my energy on Fit Girl Secrets  but I could help feel the pull of my old home. The energy felt different here. It felt like me. Not the me that’s trying to create a brand or trying to be so much to so many people, but the me that just loves to blog for my own passion and love. This is a home where I don’t have to care about logos, or branded colours. Funny thing is this blog has been more successful than anything else, even though it’s DIY and no fuss!

It seemed silly to have two blogs, especially two that were fairly similar and so many told me to merge the two, but I don’t care to listen to what people say anymore.

So I come back to my home to share my story, share my life and what makes me smile, makes me cry, or what I just desperately need to tell you.

I want to make this blog a home that I welcome you into, in hope that there is something here that will make you smile, feel less alone or inspires you.

I will fill this blog with the behind the scenes of building my fitness brand (for those that inspire to enter the entrepreneur world), the new ventures I have gone into and also the same simplistic health and wellbeing philosophy that I have always shared.

I also inspire to brighten your day with pretty things of what I see around me. Fashion, accessories, culture, make up, food!

I will take you on my travel journey and all that it takes to follow your dreams.

So I am back. I have missed you.

Until next time


Home Made Skin Treatments

home made skin treatments

I have been saying goodbye to all my expensive skin treatments and saying hello to natural home made concoctions that actually do a better job than the store bought varieties that promise the world. Having worked in the beauty department of a magazine I can tell you that all you are paying for is the marketing and packaging!

I want to share with you my favourite skin care treatments that you can find in your kitchen (or are super cheap if you don’t have them).

Face Scrub

1 Tablespoon of organic coconut oil

1 Tablespoon of Manuka honey (or the most natural organic honey you can find)

2 Tablespoons of brown sugar (great way to use up your sugar if you’ve gone sugar-free!)

The Juice of half a lemon

Mix all ingredients together, use more Brown sugar if you prefer a more invigorating scrub. Massage over face for a few minutes and wash with warm water.

Face Mask

2 Tablespoons of organic plain Greek yoghurt

1 Tablespoon of Manuka honey

1 Mashed banana

Mix all ingrediants together and apply a thick layer to your face and leave for 15-20  minutes. Rise with warm water and follow with a toner.

If you prefer you can leave out the banana, or try both versions (with and without)


1 Tablespoon of Manuka honey

1 Teaspoon of Coconut oil

Mix together and massage into your face for a few minutes. Leave on for a minute and rinse with warm water, following with apple cider vinegar toner.


Organic Apple cider vinegar

(I use undiluted but if you’re skin is sensitive, you can dilute with one part water)

Wet a cotton wall ball or pad with apple cider vinegar and wipe all over your face and neck. This may sting at first and make your eyes water but it only lasts a minute or so. If you find it too irritating dilute with water.

If you are only going to try one of these remedies, this is the best one to try. Your skin will feel amazing afterwards!

Natural Moisturiser

Coconut oil

You only need a little of this unless you want to use as a moisturising mask and then wipe off. Otherwise, use a pea size amount and massage into your skin. If you find it too oily, try it only at night. Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties so this shouldn’t make your skin break out.

Lip Scrub

1 Teaspoon of Brown sugar

1 Teaspoon of Coconut oil

Optional – a drizzle of Manuka honey

Mix together and massage over your lips with your finger, tooth brush or face washer. Rinse with warm water.

Spot treatment (or any area of  inflammation)

Teaspoon of Coconut oil

1/2 Teaspoon of Turmeric

Mix together and apply a small amount to any inflamed area. The first time I tried this I went overboard and had orange towels and bathroom! Use Turmeric sparingly!

Pigmentation or Acne Scars (and red marks)

Juice of 1/2 lemon

(optional) 1 Teaspoon of olive, jojoba or melted coconut oil

Spread over your face evenly and leave on for 15-20 minutes and wash off with warm water. Do not spot treat as this may cause uneven pigmentation. Apply to entire face for gently, even, fading.